Battery, starter and charging system

The battery, your charging system and your starter system are the components that allow your engine to wake up.

Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE will check the voltage of your battery, test your alternator and make sure your ignition and charging system is working properly. Our teams combine expertise and advanced support technologies.


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The alternator is a key part of the charging system of your vehicle. The starter engages and starts the engine.

Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE is equipped and powered by BOSCH, the world leader in the development and creation of vehicle systems.

Our workshops are equipped with a portable battery tester – BAT 131 from Bosch, perfectly suited for testing 6 V and 12 V starter batteries (lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries). The no-load test procedure provides fast, accurate and reliable measurement results. The battery tester has a rugged housing specially designed to meet the requirements of the workshop.