Maintenance of electronic systems

If you are looking for electronics in modern vehicles, you will find them everywhere. Nowadays, everything is controlled and put in place via electrical circuits and electronic modules. Whether it be the engine of your vehicle or the comfort elements like your Start / Stop system or even the simple automation of your mirror, and automatic shutdown of your headlights. What would happen if all these components suddenly stop working!

Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE is able to detect all possible error sources using ultra-modern diagnostic devices, without delay, and with unique expertise in Mauritius.


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Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE are open on Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 to 18:00.

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We analyse and identify your electronic system, how it interacts with the different components involved. We diagnose and validate an optimal functioning, which is aligned with the associated specifications. We spot all errors and correct them.

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Electronics have an effect on a variety of sensors, and thus on safety (ABS, ESP, ASR, tire pressure …), comfort (air conditioning, steering …), or pollution. These are just some examples.

Bosch Car Service has all the necessary tools for the proper maintenance and verification of your vehicles.