Tyre Service

The tyre is the only element of the vehicle that is in contact with the road.

That is why the correct use and maintenance of the tyres, as well as the knowledge of their characteristics, are essential to guarantee safety in any situation. A good understanding of the ground control, will also increase the life of your tyres and save you money. Remember to drive safely and respect the environment.

Control has always been a top priority at Bosch Car Service. Thanks to the passion for engineering innovation and the exclusive experience of F1®, Pirelli tyres offer augmented control on the road.


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Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE are open on Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 to 18:00.

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Your tyres are your allies. Their objective: offering you the best possible grip on the road, and preventing you from losing control of the vehicle, whatever the weather conditions. You tyres should guarantee you ideal driving conditions in line with the smooth running of your vehicle.

Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE experts will advise you on the purchase of your tyres according to your car’s capacity and your driving style.

Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE workshops are equipped with the latest technology to mount, balance and align your tyres. Geometry reduces their wear and tear and thus the risk of accidents. Tyres in good condition also optimise your fuel consumption, while increasing comfort.

Take advantage of the “TyreLife” support service of your BOSCH CAR SERVICE with PIRELLI tyres.