Vehicles are becoming more sophisticated and technologically complex. This means that there are more electronics and centralised control systems involved in their making. 

To maintain these systems and keep them in perfect working order, control of the entire diagnosis chain is required. Expertise and advanced diagnostic tools are used at BOSCH CAR SERVICE. This is why we are the world’s number one chain of multibrand mechanical workshops.


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Malfunction analysis – Adjustment of engine performance – Diagnosis of the vehicle  and all engine management systems – Diagnosis of the deterioration of parts and accessories, etc. ; expert analysis of components cannot be made with approximation. Vehicle diagnosis are an extremely specialised competence.

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The increasing number of electronic components in the vehicle requires more complex diagnoses. A diagnosis of control units is required even for simple repair and maintenance work. Combined with the ESI[tronic] 2.0 workshop-specific software, Bosch’s KTS tool allows you to control a variety of systems on the vehicle in ideal conditions.