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High-value spare parts for your vehicle

Bosch spare parts are distinguished by their quality, reliability and innovative technology. Manufacturing only begins when all products meet our requirements.

The huge range of products includes wear parts like wiper blades, batteries, belts, filters, spark plugs, light bulbs of all types as well as all parts of the brake system such as brake pads, brake shoes brake discs and calipers. It also includes electrical accessories such as electronic components , sensors, ignition coils, starters,alternators, fuel pumps and injectors.

BOSCH CAR SERVICE gives you direct access to BOSCH parts, a leading automotive supplier. You can also purchase WYNN’S products and accessories, MONROE shocks, and PIRELLI tyres at BOSCH CAR SERVICE.


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For over a century, BOSCH has been a supplier of components in the automotive industry. This company is now a leader in its field thanks to its innovations, with BOSCH components and systems in vehicles of all brands.

When you choose BOSCH CAR SERVICE you get direct access to premium brands; the best for your vehicle. PIRELLI designs and manufactures tyres, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and performance in all circumstances. WYNN’S develops superior additive products for select component, which optimises the operation of your vehicle. MONROE is a leading supplier of original automotive equipment. Monroe shocks increase the roadworthiness of the tyre, providing a more stable and safe ride.