Suspension & Steering

Optimise the handling of your vehicle, in any weather and under any conditions, on the road!

Shock absorbers and suspensions are absolutely essential to your car! Their condition is decisive for your driving comfort but also, for your safety! Because dampers reduce rebounds and contribute to better handling. You have detected an anomaly, a leak or a lack of efficiency in your shock absorbers or suspensions? Monroe, our brand partner, offers you a high quality shock absorber produced in the same factories and using the same technology as those mounted on your car in original equipment.

Monroe® Original shock absorbers have been specifically designed for the aftermarket. They compensate for the wear and tear of and other components, which normally occur after driving thousands of kilometres.


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Your BOSCH CAR SERVICE is equipped with shock absorber test bench capable of isolating and identifying the specific wear of the shock absorber. It does so by analysing the response of the latter to its variable resonance frequency. The result obtained is dependent on tyre pressure and vehicle load. In addition to its high accuracy, this technology ensures ease of use, ease of installation and speed of intervention.

Inspection and replacement of ball joints, inner and outer link bars, shock absorbers, suspension arms, stabiliser bar… Powered by unique technological framework and expertise in Mauritius, BOSCH CAR SERVICE is your specialist in steering and suspension.