Interview with Dwight Clifford, Commercial Director of Bosch Car Service

Dwight Clifford from MASL tells us about his role at M.A.S.L., and the possibilities offered by the BOSCH franchise.

– Who is Dwight Clifford?

I am the Commercial Director of Mascareignes Automotive Services Ltd (M.A.S.L.). As Sales Manager, it is my responsibility to lead and advise our sales team according to the current performance of M.A.S.L., and thus of Bosch Mauritius.

My passion for the automobile began when I was still in school. Back then, my two-stroke engine ignited my thirst for knowledge with regards to mechanics. The way all parts are designed, put together, and the consequent impact of that arrangement on engine operation… this has always been a huge source of curiosity for me. This curiosity was the drive that kept me close to automotive engineering and mechanical systems.
Having worked for over 20 years in sales and distribution in Mauritius, it can be said that I was predestined to be part of the project team leading Bosch Parts and Bosch Car Service for the island.

– How do you see Bosch Car Service in a few years?

Bosch Car Service will be a pillar of innovation and reliability in the car care sector in Mauritius. The economic model we have adopted coheres to the needs of Mauritian drivers. This model will allow us to synergise with our market, which is constantly evolving.

The automotive technologies of tomorrow will come with their share of changes and challenges. At Mr.A.S.L., we are ready to meet these challenges: we intend to position the Bosch Car Service network as the #1 alternative for vehicle maintenance.

Being the first network of multi-brand workshops in Mauritius, we aim to extend the presence of our workshops on the island. We also plan to expand our service to 7 days a week.

– What are your different services?

Our basic services are such:

  1. Car Servicing
  2. Inspection and Maintenance
  3. Brake System & Service
  4. Headlamp Beam Alignment
  5. Starter System & Battery
  6. Electronic System Service
  7. Fault Diagnostics
  8. Air Conditioning Service
  9. Tyre Service
  10. Steering & Suspension
  11. Car Parts and Accessories

We also have Services+ such as WE PICK UP, WE DELIVER (WPWD) and TyreLife

– What about the Bosch Car Service partner brands?

Bosch Car Service has 3 partner brands:
Pirelli, the tyre specialist.
Monroe, a reference in the field of shock absorbers and suspension.
Wynn’s, the automotive additive specialist.

The services of Bosch Car Service are carried out with the support of these brands. Our Service+ TyreLife, for example, is powered by Pirelli tyres

– Tell us about WPWD (WE PICK UP, WE DELIVER)

This service has been developed to make life easier for motorists. As the name implies, when you use WPWD, we will come collect your car. Then we’ll bring it to the workshop, where one of our experts will make a visual check, after which we shall inform you of the work to be done. When the car servicing is completed, we will deliver your car. Quite practical, right?

– How do we access this service?

It’s simple! Simply register on the Bosch Car Service web portal and visit WPWD section. If you need more information, feel free to call the nearest BCS workshop.

– What’s the point of servicing my car at Bosch Car Service?

When your vehicle enters one of our workshops, it benefits from expert care. Thanks to our Bosch diagnostic equipment we are able to identify faults with the highest precision. We obviously use Bosch spare parts; Bosch’s engineering is used in the design of original parts of brands such as BMW and Mercedes. Our experts, with Bosch’s knowledge, are therefore able to provide a multi-brand service. It should also be noted that Mauritian car dealers use some of our products, such as Bosch batteries. Furthermore, on our new web portal, you can easily access the service history of your vehicle. The point of a Bosch Car Service maintenance is all the after-service support that accompanies it.

– Where is your Head Office?

Our Head Office is currently in Phoenix at Socota Phenicia Business Park. We are moving soon to Motor City in Bagatelle. It was intuitive for us to move to this location because it was designed to house the automotive service leaders in Mauritius.

– Where can we find BCS?

We have 6 sales outlets/workshops in Mauritius. They are located in Tamarin, Phoenix, Belle Vue, Bagatelle, Flacq and Grand Baie. Our team in Mauritius is currently composed of 56 people.