M.A.S.L. is moving into its new headquarters at Motor City in 2020

Mascareignes Automotive Services Ltd (M.A.S.L.) is inaugurating its new headquarters at the end of March 2020. Incorporated in 2012, the company was commissioned by BOSCH to implement the business plan of BOSCH GmbH (Germany) in Mauritius. BOSCH has been operating in Madagascar for more than 50 years through Materauto, the sister company of M.A.S.L.

Automotive specialists in the centre of the island

In March 2020, the M.A.S.L. head office will be moving from Socota Phoenicia Business Park (Phoenix) to Motor City Bagatelle (Moka). This new location is perfect for the HQ as it conforms with the global project’s business plan. This new building will be composed of 2 automobile-focused sections, namely BOSCH Spare Parts and a network of BOSCH automotive workshops known as Bosch Car Service.

Details of the new Head Office building

The M.A.S.L. HQ in Motor City will have an integrated Bosch Car Service multi-brand workshop.  250 m² will be easily accessible to the surrounding neighbourhoods, specifically Moka, St Pierre, Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill and Quatre Bornes. There will be 2 buildings in the HQ: a warehouse of 1000 m² and an office space covering 650 m².

Bosch Car Service is always nearby!

With the opening of the Bosch Car Service in Motor City and in Grand Bay (in December), there will be a total of 6 such multi-brand workshops on the island. Visit our dedicated page to see which one is closest to you. Bosch Car Service can be found in Tamarin, Phoenix, Belle Vue and Flacq and Grand Bay. The Bosch Car Service in Bagatelle is currently inactive. Its operation will start when the HQ building is completed.